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Behind the Closed Door:
The Mental Stress of Physical Stuff

In this thought provoking book, Katie Tracy, CPO® explores the cyclical relationship between emotions and clutter and how the appearance and function of a home influences thoughts, feelings, and emotions everyday.
- Experience the unique perspective of a Certified Professional Organizer® who works with clients directly in their homes.
- Learn why “stuff” is a challenge for clients and how clutter at home relates to mental health and therapy.
- Discover the role that therapy plays in helping clients tackle their physical stuff and learn strategies that can be brought into your therapy practice.
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Digital versions available:

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Sneak Peek at the Introduction to Behind the Closed Door...

   Behind the closed door of a therapist’s office, clients share intimate parts of their lives: feelings, relationships, insecurities, doubts, and struggles. This mental clutter and the associated stress are common experiences today. Mental health professionals work with clients to wade through their emotions and experiences so they can find clarity and calm inside their minds and lives.
   Behind the closed doors of their homes, these clients also hide the physical clutter of their lives: overstuffed closets, basements and garages used for storage, and cluttered living spaces. These closed doors hide the clutter, but also create a barrier to personal satisfaction, better relationships, and overall well-being. The work of professional organizers is to help clients remove the physical barriers of clutter so they can find peace and ease in their homes.
   This book shows how two professional worlds—mental health and organizing—go hand in hand, the ways each influences the other, and how each can be a tool to create change in clients’ lives. Through collaboration, professionals in both fields can guide their clients to create a mental and physical space that, when the door is closed, the client feels at peace there.

The title of this book, Behind the Closed Door, is intentional.

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