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Katie Tracy, CPO offers talks to fit various groups such as mental health continuing education, conference sessions and keynotes, and members-only groups.  Looking for a specific topic? We are happy to customize talks to fit your group's interests.
White Chair
Organizing: Therapy's Natural Partner
Learn why mental health professionals can benefit from partnering with professional organizers. This course covers the roles of both, how organizing and therapy are similar, and how to recognize the impact of physical "stuff" on mental health.
Clutter's Psychology: The Stress of Stuff


Discover the connection between mental state and physical space, how clutter impacts stress in three ways, and a new perspective to classify clutter items.
Private House
House Full of Stuff: Clutter in the American Home


Discuss the causes of American clutter and its impact on American homes and families. This course also covers the differences between clutter and Hoarding Disorder.
Girl and Cat
Why It's Hard to Let Go:
Emotional Attachment to Our "Stuff"


Discuss the impact of clutter on American families. Learn common emotional attachments to things and how to address them.

Talks are normally booked 3-4 months in advance. 
Please contact us for more information.

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