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The closets are stuffed.  You can't find your keys.  You are running late...again. 
We get it.  You feel frustrated, annoyed, overwhelmed, and perhaps even helpless. 
We understand that life isn't simple. 
But we believe your space can be.
Let us help you get there.
Virtual organizing can help you with:

  • decluttering

  • reorganization

  • making spaces more efficient

  • maximizing space

  • moving preparation/unpacking

  • downsizing

  • repurposing of spaces

  • creating routines to simplify daily life

Our virtual organizing program is not for everyone.  Give us a call to see if it may be a good fit for you!
Virtual organizing provides the best of in-home organizing with increased flexibility.  Sessions are shorter than in-home organizing and are done over video conferencing (FaceTime or Zoom).
4 Sessions - $300
6 Sessions - $445
8 Sessions - $595
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